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The Solo Mass Produced Model (ソロ量産型) is a minor stage enemy from Strider 2.


Appears in Stage 4 (Flying Battleship Balrog), Scene 1 and Stage 5 (The Third Moon), Scene 1.

Also called Dolls (ドール)[1], these enemies are a mass-produced weaker version using the original Bounty Hunter Solo as template. Unlike Solo, however, they appear to be simple drones with no personality. They wear a green variation of Solo's body armor with a single energy Halo Wing over their heads, connected across both shoulders. Their only weapon is a handheld version of Solo's Impact Cannon, a single arm cannon which shoots a 3-bullet spread shot (similar to Solo's Missile Pod) that can be aimed forward and downwards.

The Dolls are first seen flying alongside the flight squad escorting the Flying Battleship Balrog, attacking Hiryu as he made his way across the ships. Later, Solo brings four of them as backup during his and Hiryu's last fight at the Third Moon Spaceport. In both instances they can be easily dealt with.

Other Appearances[]

Game Appearances[]

Namco x Capcom

Nxc solomasspro sprite.png

The Solo Mass Produced Model appears in Namco x Capcom as one of two grunt units from the series, described as an android based off Solo's combat data. As minor enemies, they have no spoken lines and a single attack method: shooting targets with their arm cannon, here called "Beam Cannon" (ビームキャノン), based on the name of Solo's weapon in the game.

The character also received a minor redesign of its armor and head/visor, in order to make them resemble Solo's original armor design from Strider, which is the appearance he has in-game.



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