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Sovkhoz Я (ソホーズ Я) is the final boss in the exclusive extra stage added to the PC Engine port of Strider, Oil Fields. This giant tank boss bears a close resemblance to the T-48 tank from the Strider Hiryu manga, and it later inspired the "Sovkhoz" line of tanks in the 2014 Strider.

The Sovkhoz Я is a giant battle tank owned by the Kazakh Federation[1]. This juggernaut was designed with an extended armored body supported by two sets of threads, and its heavily equipped with powerful weapons. Its main gun is its most powerful[1], and secondary weaponry includes several missile launchers and two gatling guns installed at each side of the main gun. It was apparently named after the Russian term "sovkhoz" (совхоз), a type of state-owned farms.


Tha Sovkhoz Я was stationed in St. Petersburg. Used by a nameless soldier to escape following Hiryu's infiltration of the city, the tank is caught by the Striders' satellite as it traveled the desert into a nearby oil refinery. The Striders' Navigator orders Hiryu to pursue it through the desert, and he eventually finds and destroys it in battle.

During the fight, the tank follows a simple pattern: it moves back and forth at the edge of the screen while attacking with its weapons. It will use the gatling guns to spread bullets in front of it, shoot a fast projectile from the main gun forward, and launch several missiles upwards to rain down into the whole area. It's only weak point to be exploited is its driver, who becomes vulnerable when he comes out of the tank to spray machine gun fire at Hiryu.


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