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The Spike Bomb Machine (official name unknown) is a minor stage enemy from Strider 2. For unknown reasons, this enemy was removed from the PlayStation port of the game.


Appears in Stage 2 (Fortress Wahnen), Scene 3 (higher difficulties only).

This strange contraption is a machine found within Herzog Schlange's Fortress Wahnen. There are only two machines in the area, both found in the fortress' Connecting Bridge, installed at the top of two of the bridge's sharp inclines. These machines constantly generate spiked explosive bombs and releases them from an opening in its base, letting them roll down the incline.

This enemy becomes a rather difficult obstacle, specially since Hiryu is being chased by the T-54 armored vehicle. The bombs roll down the inclines fast and leave little space between them, and being hit by one sends Hiryu flying backwards, likely to be rammed by the T-54. It's best to attempt to destroy the bombs before Hiryu is hit, and then take out the machine without stopping moving.