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Stealth Flyer renders

The Stealth Flyer is a minor enemy introduced in the 2014 Strider.


The Stealth Flyer is a small, flying drone which appears around and inside Meio's Tower following the destruction of the Airship Balrog. Sporting a round, metallic shell and three front lights, these drones attack intruders with floating concussive bombs, the same ones used by Bounty Hunter Solo.

When encountering Hiryu, the Stealth Flyers will float around him, releasing a set of four honeycomb-shaped concussive bombs every so often, which will home in directly at Hiryu. As both the flyer and the bombs can be easily destroyed with a single strike of the Cypher, they only represent a threat when accompanied with several other enemies.

Design Notes[]

Solo's test render

The Stealth Flyer was apparently designed as part of Solo's equipment, and one can be seen together with him in an earlier model test render[1]. As it uses the same honeycomb-shaped homing bombs, its possible the flyer was planned to assist Solo during boss battles. As the enemy doesn't appear until the very end of the game, the concussive bombs are likely the only remain of the drone's original intent.


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