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Strider Hiryû (ストライダー飛竜) for mobile phones was a port of the original CPS-1 coin-op, accessible from the "Capcom Party" distribution site through NTT DoCoMo's i-mode service, for the FOMA 703i/903i series of mobile phones[1]. It became unavailable in March 31, 2018 when the DoCoMo "Capcom Party" site and service were terminated.[2]

The port was a faithful reproduction of the original game, keeping characters, stages and even the multi-language voice samples used in cutscenes intact. The only major changes were seen in the game's interface, which was optimized and arranged to fit the mobile phone's smaller resolution. The game featured two modes of play: a normal "free mode" where players could use continues repeatedly, and a "Ranking Mode" which had no continues but allowed players to register their score on the Capcom Party online boards.[3]

This was the second time Strider-related material was sold through the i-mode service, following a two-image screen set of Hiryu and the game's logo released in February 2001.[4]

Arcade - Mobile. Native resolution comparison.

CPS-1 native resolution: 384 by 224.

Viewable gameplay area: 384 by 224.

Mobile resolution: 240 by 240.

Viewable gameplay area: 240 by 240.


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