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Unlike its apocryphal predecessor, Strider 2 was much better received by critics and fans. It has been often praised as a fun, solid platformer and a great throwback to the Arcade platformers of the 80's, and criticized for its short length, rough mixture of 2D sprites and 3D polygonal backgrounds and the use of "zero-punishment" infinite continues in its PlayStation port.

While generally not as well-regarded as the original Arcade game, Strider 2 still appears to have had an indirect influence on its genre, and games such as Overworks' 2002 PlayStation 2 installment of Shinobi and Krome Studios' 2010 adaptation of Blade Kitten bear more than a passing resemblance to Strider 2's gameplay.

Critical Reception[]

In general, Strider 2 received positive reviews. IGN's David Sdyrko said the game brought back the "tight control, imaginative level-design and tremendous play mechanics" of the first game, and stated it was "a must-have package for fans of arcade-style action games" and "one of the best games of its kind", while listing the game's short length and general lack of challenge as its "only downfall"[1]. Gaming Age's Jeff Keely called its shortness his "biggest complaint" as well.[2]

James Mielke, writing for GameSpot, stated the game was "worthy of the legacy" of the original game, but that it offered little innovation on its formula. Its really short length and the limited action set in 5 stages as the only thing keeping it from being a masterwork[3]. Shawn Sanders on GameRevolution called the graphics sub-par and a "failed attempt to successfully meld 2D characters with half-assed 3D backgrounds", but said that it was a "good no-brainer veg-out game" which he came back to due to its simple gameplay.[4]

In Japan, Strider 2 enjoyed a rather moderate success, its PlayStation port ranking 11th in gaming magazine Famitsu's top selling games from March, a month after release[5]. Famitsu also reviewed this version, giving the game a 30/40 score.

Unfortunately, despite its initial brisk sales reported in Famitsu, Strider 2 ultimately only sold 80,000 copies worldwide at retail.[6]


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