Strider Hiryu: Original Music
Artist(s): Harumi Fujita
Released: 1988
Length: Unknown
Producer: Kadokawa Shoten

Strider Hiryu: Original Music (ストライダー飛竜 ORIGINAL MUSIC) is a 13-track cassette tape containing music from the NES game, published in 1988 by Kadokawa Shoten[1]. The insert was distributed along with the manga but the tape was sold separately. Curiously, though the music on the tape is from a game that was only released in the West, it was itself never sold in the West.


Track Title
Side A
1 Blue Wild Rider
2 Base
3 Secret Police
4 Phantom Train
5 High Noon
6 Filter
7 The Jungle
Side B
8 Decisive Battle
9 Lead
10 Evil One
11 Striders
12 One of Them
13 All


Two of the tracks, "Blue Wild Rider" (青き野を馳せる者) and "One of Them" (ワン ノブ ゼム), contain vocals[1]. "Blue Wild Rider" lyrics are actually featured in the intro of the cancelled Famicom version, identical except for one line: "The Danger Soul of the Life" is instead "The Danger Zone of Dark".

"Blue Wild Rider"Edit

Crimson flames ablaze
Are the color of his eyes
All he kills is dyed in scorching heat

Strider By your hands
Strider What did you protect?

Right now a ray of light unable to reach this ground

A Blue Wild Rider

"One of Them"Edit

One by one the blue flames disappear
As if they vanish into thin air

They just keep on walking
Seeking peace of heart
They just keep on walking
Afraid to be alone

Beloved people
Maybe I'm also one of them


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