Strider Hiryu (Manga)
Author Tetsuo Shiba
Illustrator Tatsumi Wada
Publication date May-October 1988 (serialization)
November 10, 1989 (tankôbon)[1]
Published by Kadokawa Shôten
ISBN 4-04-713009-5

Strider Hiryû (ストライダー飛竜) is a manga series created by the artist group Moto Kikaku, and published by Kadokawa Shôten in their magazine Monthly Comic Comp (originally Comic Comptiq). It was part of a collaboration between the studio and Capcom, which is credited for "Original Concept"[1]. The manga is actually the debuting media for Hiryu, coming out before the better-known Arcade coin-op.

The manga started off a part of a three-way project between Moto Kikaku and Capcom, together with the Arcade coin-op and a game for the NES home console[2][3], which ended up being a close adaptation of the manga[3]. Capcom assigned Kouichi Yotsui and Masahiko Kurokawa to head the coin-op and NES game respectively, while Moto Kikaku appointed Tatsumi Wada as the manga artist[2][3]. The three men were responsible for the common elements shared between the three projects, as well as Hiryu's final design.[3]

Consisting of six individual chapters, the manga was serialized throughout the latter half of 1988 and later published in a single tankôbon (collected edition) released in November. Supposedly, the NES game would have been released around that date to coincide with said release, but for unknown reasons its Japanese release was delayed and eventually cancelled.



Two years before the beginning of the manga, Hiryu retired from the Strider organization following a mission in which he was forced to kill his sister, Mariya, after she apparently went insane. Ever since then, he's been living peacefully in Mongolia, in the company of a village of nomads and a small girl, Rin. Within the Striders themselves, founder and current Director Kuramoto has virtually stepped down from his functions due to advanced age, leaving Vice-Director Matic as the de facto leader of the organization. The cruel and ambitious Matic, however, has plans of his own for the group.

The manga opens up in the nation of Kazakh in the year 2048. Kazakh is suffering several armed uprisings, product of the opressive regimen imposed by the government. The ruling party responds to these insurgents with the creation of the Kazakh Secret Police, an underground police force with orders to subdue the rebel groups through any means. The rebels are soon outmatched by the police's advanced weaponry, and hire the services of the Striders.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Chapter 1
Ch1cover Comic Comptiq #1
May 1988
Number of Pages: 38
Cover: N/a
The Striders answer the call of the rebel group and send agents Kain and Sheena to assist them. They are involved in a fight against the Secret Police. Kain and Sheena make quick work of the police's efforts, but Kain eventually falls into a trap involving an armed child, and is captured by the enemy. Communicating this events to the Striders' base, Matic decides to seek out Hiryu in Mongolia. Matic confronts Hiryu and asks him to accept a mission to eliminate Kain now that he's fallen into enemy hands. Hiryu refuses immediately, but Matic states he'd do anything to force him to accept, threatening to kill the innocent villagers he's been living with. Having his past as an assassin revealed in front of them, and with no other choice, Hiryu reluctantly accepts.
Chapter 2
Ch2cover Comic Comptiq #2
June 1988
Number of Pages: 36
Cover: 行く手に待つものは何か!?
今, 飛竜の怒りが爆発する
What awaits in the path ahead!? Now, Hiryu's Anger Explodes
Hiryu and Sheena are able to extract Kain from the Secret Police building, but on their way out are forced to stop on a rebel safehouse due to a blizzard. Hiryu and Sheena reminiscent about the past until Kain suddenly wakes up and attacks them both without any provocation. Hiryu is forced to fight back and eventually subdues Kain, but not before he has mortally wounded Sheena. Back on the cabin, Hiryu finds a type of implant in Kain's neck, and forces a kidnapped Kazakh officer to reveal that Kain was subjected to a brainwashing machine known as ZAIN, developed by Enterprise, which are investigating a way to control people's minds. Hiryu also realizes his sister was a victim of this experiment, as he remembers she had a similar mark from the implant on her neck. Hiryu relates this event to Kain, distraught after discovering what he did to Sheena, as a way to calm him down. The next morning, they both make a grave for Sheena and swear to stop Enterprise.
Chapter 3
Ch3cover Comic Comptiq #3
July 1988
Number of Pages: 34
Cover: 怒りの炎飛竜が立ち上がった
Hiryu Rises Amidst Flames of Anger
Hiryu and Kain infiltrate the Kazakh Federation Mental Institute, location of the ZAIN laboratory. The head scientist leaves the matter in the hands of Commander Keith and his Special Forces, contracted to defend the institute. They try to use the institute's patients, who were themselves used as guinea pigs in the experiments which left them completely insane, as a cover to try to kill Hiryu and Kain with knives. However, upon seeing a small child among the patients, Hiryu snaps and unleashes his anger onto the soldiers and Keith, killing them mercilessly. They then find and confront the director, who reveals by mistake that the Striders are secretly helping Enterprise with the ZAIN Project. Following the destruction of the ZAIN Terminal, the scientist reveals it was just a relay computer, and that there are several ZAIN interconnected all over the world.
Chapter 4
Ch4cover Comic Comptiq #4
August 1988
Number of Pages: 36
Cover: オレの怒りはもう誰にも止められない!!
No One Can Stop My Anger Anymore!!"
Matic, enraged at the destruction of the institute, realizes that only Special A-Class Striders can deal with Hiryu and Kain. Enterprise' secretary Yuri, sent to look into this matter, considers the possibility that Matic is supporting this destruction, but Matic dismisses him. They also overlook the senile Kuramoto, with Yuri claiming they can still use him while he's alive. In the Amazon Research Institute, Hiryu and Kain discover the location of the main ZAIN computer throught the terminal's satellite link, in Enterprise's Los Angeles headquarters. While awaiting for the rescue aircraft to get a free trip to the location, they are attacked by Matic's men and fellow Striders Arana and Kubira.
Chapter 5
Ch5cover Monthly Comic Comp
September 1988
Number of Pages: 36
Cover: 飛竜とカインはついにザインの本拠地に!!
Hiryu and Kain, Finally at ZAIN's Quarters!!
Hiryu and Kain infiltrate the headquarters of Enterprise disguised as repairmen, as the group is undergoing an expansion project for the Mother ZAIN. Soon enough, however, they are discovered by Matic. Using bombs as a distraction, both are able to escape, and later decide to go separate ways. Hiryu runs into Yuri and a group of armed soldiers, which he easily takes care of, much to Yuri's shock. Yuri reveals the location of Faceas Clay and the Mother ZAIN at the top of the building, and promptly is killed when he tries a sneak attack on Hiryu. Meanwhile, chief Kuramoto is faced by Matic's men, who are ordered to force him to transmit to all operatives the announcement of his full retirement, promoting Matic to his position. With Matic's betrayal revealed, Kuramoto drops the senile act and kills his assailants, and then orders to prepare a flight to Enterprise's quarters.
Chapter 6
Ch6cover Monthly Comic Comp
October 1988
Number of Pages: 38
Cover: すべてをかけた男の闘いが 今, 終わる!!
The Fight of a Man who Gives his All, Ends Now!!
Hiryu confronts Faceas Clay at the building's top floor, where he reveals his plans of helping humanity evolve by erasing their inherent "bug", malice, as if they were computers. Hiryu stands his ground against him, and Clay activates the ZAIN Defense System, Kali. At first surprised and outmatched by the ghostly apparition, Hiryu remembers Kuramoto's words and gathers up enough strength to destroy Kali, revealing it was just a machine simulation. Shocked, Faceas Clay is helpless as Hiryu drives his Cypher through him as well. Hiryu is then confronted by Matic, who reveals his plans to take over both Enterprise and the Striders to rule over the world. Hiryu and Matic have a short fight until Kuramoto appears with the Striders on his side. Cornered, Matic is killed by the ZAIN machine as it wakes up, prompting Hiryu to destroy it by throwing his Cypher at its core. In the epilogue, Hiryu disappears before Kuramoto and Kain can speak to him, leaving his Cypher behind.

Strider Hiryu GaidenEdit

Main article: Strider Hiryu Gaiden

Strider Hiryu Gaiden (ストライダー飛竜外伝) is a special thirty-three page chapter released in December 1988[4], after the manga finished its serialization. Since it was not included in the tankôbon or reprited, it's very difficult to find. As the title Gaiden ("side story") indicates, this chapter is a prequel side-story expanding upon Hiryu's state of mind after murdering his sister and his final mission before retiring from the Striders. Besides Hiryu, only Kain and Kuramoto return from the main history, while Mariya briefly appears in Hiryu's memory. This chapter is also where Mariya's name was first revealed.[5]

This chapter sees Hiryu going through his final mission as a Strider, confronting the terrorist group known as the "Phantom Unit" and its two leaders, the vicious Zangi Brothers, in order to rescue Dr. J. Hogan, a world-renowned scientist kidnapped by the terrorists a month before the story begins.


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