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Strider Hiryu -G.S.M. Capcom 2- (ストライダー飛竜 -G.S.M. CAPCOM 2-) is the official soundtrack album for the first Strider. It's the second soundtrack of seven in Capcom's "Game Sound Music" series, each of which covers 2 or more Capcom Arcade games of the time. They also include bonus arranged tracks based on one of the game's music, performed by Capcom's former in-house sound team "Alph Lyla".

G.S.M. 2 includes both Strider and the Arcade Beat-em up Tenchi wo Kurau (localized as Dynasty Wars). The disc has 14 tracks, 8 of which are Strider tracks: five containing medleys of each stage, one for miscellaneous themes, and two exclusive arranged themes.

Included in the soundtrack's booklet are notes and anecdotes about the music composition, written by all four involved artists. This soundtrack was released in both CD and cassette formats exclusively in Japan.


Note: Tracks 09-14 are from Dynasty Wars, and are thus not listed here.

Track Name Length Themes included
01 Snow in Savanna 5:27 Medley of several remixes. Arranged by all four artists.
02 1STAGE 5:51 Credit, Defense Line, Raid!, Coup, Mosque the Cold-Hearted, Beasts!, Bullet Corridor, Uroboros - The Iron Ruler.
03 2STAGE 4:43 Stage 2 Demo, Siberian Tunnel, Driving Wheel, Big Run, Mass of Clouds, Fu-jin, Stage Clear.
04 3STAGE N1 3:20 Stage 4 Demo, War Drum, Encirclement, Valleys and Rivers, Roaring, African Formidable.
05 4STAGE N1 3:25 Stage 3 Demo, Short Spin, Unusual Gravity, Capture!
06 5STAGE 3:39 Stage 5 Demo, Hiryu, Theme for Counterattack, Grandmaster Meio, Final Clear.
07 ENDING~RANKING 1:27 Ending, Ranking, Game Over, Continue
08 ペテルブルグの月
(Moon of St. Petersburg)
2:44 Remix of Raid! arranged by GON.


  • N1. These tracks mirror the Arcade game's internal listing, where all music from the fourth stage (Amazon) is listed first as "Stage 3", and all music from the third stage (Flying Battleship Balrog) is listed later as "Stage 4".