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Strider Hiryu Special-A Class Limited Edition (ストライダー飛竜 特A級 LIMITED EDITION) is a special Japanese exclusive limited release set of the PlayStation 3 version of Strider (2014), sold exclusively through the "e-Capcom" online shop, to be released at the same date as the game's PlayStation 3/4 version in February 22.

This limited edition set includes several bonus content from the entire series, including a series-encompassing artbook, soundtracks and other goods.


  • The physical PlayStation 3 version of the 2014 Strider, including all its extras: a custom "Strider" PS3 theme, a special video interview with the first game's director Kouichi Yotsui, and download codes for the "Game Archives" version of Strider Hiryu 1&2.
  • "Special Box" - a storage box with cover artwork done by veteran Mega Man artist Ryuji Higurashi.
  • "Strider Hiryu Visual Chronicle" - An 80-pages artwork compilation including art pieces from Strider, Strider 2 and the new Strider, as well as unpublished material from the cancelled Famicom Strider. The cover art is done by the Capcom artist known as "Tamio" (たみお).
  • "Strider Hiryu Sound Chronicle" - A 3-CD soundtrack compilation of all three Strider games. The soundtrack for the first Strider includes the full fixed soundtrack extracted from the "Resale Version" (再販版) sound board, plus an unused track ("4Stage Start 3") from the Arcade and a bonus track with music from the Sharp X68000 port of the game. Cover art done by Tamio.
  • "Instruction Card & Sticker Set" - The stickers and instruction material used in the Arcade cabinets for the first Strider and Strider 2.
  • "Pocket Spread Clear File" - Includes the Special Box and Visual Chronicle cover artworks.
  • "Mask" - A crimson Hiryu-like facemask with the "Hi" kanji sewed on its side.
  • "Badge" - The chest badge with the red "Hi" kanji seen in Hiryu's new design. It comes with a letter from the game's art director, Sho Sakai.
  • "Spacer"


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