Matic Unit

A team subordinate to Matic

The Strider Matic Unit is a group from the Strider Hiryu manga and its NES adaptation, though it is only mentioned by name in the game.[1]

As the name implies, this is an unit within the Striders under Matic's direct control. Whether the unit existed before he took charge of the group or Matic himself created it afterwards is unknown. All Striders on the unit are completely loyal to him, even following him in his betrayal.

Due to his alliance with Enterprise, and since he realized their soldiers and hired mercenaries weren't enough to confront Hiryu, Matic offered his unit's services in order to protect the ZAIN Project's Main Tree and its child terminals from him. He also issued them with orders to stop and eliminate Hiryu.[2]

During the confrontation, Hiryu has fought and killed any member who crossed his path. While Hiryu was fighting inside Enterprise's HQ, a rookie member informs Kuramoto that insurgents in the organization started a revolt against the director's sympathizers[3]. By the end of the conflict, however, it's assumed any surviving member has either died or renounced Matic.

Unit MembersEdit

Name Appears Orders
Clawed strider manga
Clawed Striders
Manga/Game Traveled with Matic to Mongolia to seek Hiryu. Two are later ordered to attack a crowd. (manga)

Guards in the Strider Headquarters and Red Dragon station (game).

Manga/Game Protection of the Amazon Institute (manga)/ZAIN Terminal in Africa (game).
Elimination of Hiryu.
Manga (possibly game) Protection of the Amazon Institute.
Eliminate Hiryu.
Nes dragon icon
Dragon Fiend
Game Watch over Kuramoto's residence in Japan, eliminate anyone seeking him. Guardian in the second African Terminal and the Red Dragon station.
Nes badger icon
Game Guardian in the Chinese and second African Terminals.
Guardian in the Red Dragon station.
Nes flashblade icon
Flash Blade
Game Guardian in the Red Dragon station.
Strike force Manga A team of 4 low-ranked Striders sent to force Kuramoto to retire and nominate Matic as his successor[4], and later kill him and frame Hiryu and Kain.[5]


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