A System is a machine featured in the NES Strider.

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Appears in the Red Dragon.

The "Systems" are two machines found in Matic's Red Dragon station. They are oval-shaped computers encased in a crystal dome, with four blue contraptions surrounding them. They appear to be floating in front of a computer terminal, or perhaps they are connected or installed to it. According to one of the Scientists Hiryu finds in the Red Dragon, the two Systems are responsible for keeping the door to the final area where Matic and the Yggdrasil are found, and only by destroying them the door will unlock.

In spite of being important machinery within the station, they have no defense mechanism or protection of any kind, and can be easily destroyed once engaged. They are found in rooms at the two extremes of the station's top section. The first is merely three rooms apart from the door while the second requires Hiryu to go throough the entire station to reach.

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