The T-48 tank in action.

The T-48 is an armored tank briefly featured in the Strider Hiryu manga as a minor enemy faced in th first Chapter. A similar tank is also seen in the PC-Engine port of the original coin-op, serving as the boss for the game's exclusive Desert stage.[1]


The T-48 is the latest model of armored tank[2], presumably developed by Enterprise. The T-48 has three separate parts: a twin set of thread wheels, a core or main body, and a turret gun. The tank seems able to rotate both turret and body at the same time, allowing it to attack two different targets simultaneously. The body is equipped with several high-caliber weapons, including a rocket launcher and two sets of gatling machine guns located on each side. A mounted gun can be seen on the turret, serving as support for the main gun.[3]

The T-48 was deployed by the Kazakh Secret Police during the assault on the Rebel Army's hideout, easily outmatching the rebels and their inferior weaponry. During the assault, Kain observes the tank from afar and finds it a bit odd that the Secret Police uses such overpowering force to "hunt down a few rats". He proceeds to destroy it by shooting a grenade down its open hatch, blowing it up from the inside.[3]

The PC-Engine's TankEdit

Main article: Sovkhoz Я

The Sovkhoz Я tank used in the PC-Engine port resembles the T-48, particularly in its middle section, only with a slightly different turret design and a larger set of front threads. It employs the same weaponry during its boss battle, shooting a fast projectile from the main gun and firing the gatling guns straight ahead, plus a new attack in the form of a rain of missiles. The tank is driven by a minor nameless soldier, who represents the boss' weak point when he comes out of the tank to attack with his machinegun.


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