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T-54 Pulverizer Armored Vehicle

The Pulverizer Armored Vehicle (轢砕装甲車)[1] codename T-54 is a minor stage enemy from Strider 2, appearing in the 2nd stage, Fortress Wahnen.

The T-54 is a heavily-armored bulldozer-type tracked vehicle with two large plates on its front covered with huge spikes, and a third, small one jutting from behind. An uniformed officer can be seen coming out of its open hatch atop the vehicle, constantly waving a sword as he shouts for Hiryu's capture. The codename "T-54" can be seen written in white at the side of the hatch, as well as the text "Plototype 01" (sic) written at the side of the vehicle.

The Pulverizer Armored Vehicle appears in the Fortress' Connecting Bridge, right after Hiryu's victory over Metall Hengst. Virtually unstoppable, the vehicle crushes anything on its path as it relentlessly pursues Hiryu until the bridge's end, where Hiryu easily jumps across while the vehicle drives off into the waters below.


Appears in Stage 2 (Fortress Wahnen), Scene 3.

The T-54 appears at the very beginning of the area, and instantly starts to rush forward. The vehicle does nothing but try to ram Hiryu, breaking through boxes and enemies in its path effortlessly. As it advances, sections of the bridge behind it crumble apart as a way to prevent Hiryu from jumping behind it. Even if one succesfully lands on a safe spot behind the vehicle, however, the T-54 will simply drive backwards to hit him off the bridge with its back spikes.

The T-54 Armored Vehicle has no other means of attack outside ramming, and can't be defeated by conventional means. Though at risk of getting hit, one can strike and eventually kill the soldier on its hatch. Doing so makes the vehicle stop and malfunction (smoke and fire comes out of its hatch), only for it to suddenly rush at full speed until the end of the road, where it will fall as normal. It's possible to jump over the tank and let it rush ahead on its own, but it requires carefully aiming for a non-broken part of the bridge since falling off will always respawn Hiryu in front of it.



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