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The Tank Driver (official name unknown) is a minor character introduced in the PC Engine port of Strider.



A loyal soldier serving the Kazakh Federation's army, he was located at St. Petersburg during Hiryu's infiltration. Following the defeat of Ouroboros, the soldier made a quick escape, abandoning the capital city on the Sovkhoz Я, a giant tank. He escaped into a nearby desert where a Kazakh refinery and army camp were found.[1]

Caught by the Striders' recon satellite, Hiryu receives orders to pursue the fleeing tank into the desert[1]. Going through the Kazakh armies stationed there, Hiryu eventually reaches the soldier awaiting besides his tank. After taunting Hiryu, he jumps aboard and tries to kill him, but he's no match for the young Strider and is promptly defeated.

Having survived the tank's destruction, the soldier continues to mock Hiryu, telling him that's its already too late since the Flying Battleship Balrog is soon to leave the Siberian base, and that his death is fast approaching.


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The soldier doesn't hold any special skills and appears to be a normal run-of-the-mill military man. Besides controlling the Sovkhoz Я, he also uses a personal machine gun to spread gunfire at Hiryu.



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