Wada, Tatsumi
SHG Tatsumi Wada
Tatsumi Wada's caricature, from Strider Hiryu Gaiden.


Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan[1]





Tatsumi Wada (和田たつみ) is the Manga-ka who illustrated the Strider Hiryu manga[2][3] while working for Moto Kikaku. Little else is known about him.


Tatsumi Wada aprenticed under Hiroshi Motomiya (Moto Kikaku's founder) for 3 years, and debuted as a manga-ka in 1982 with the manga Nobushi (野武士, lit. Field Warrior), published in Monthly Shonen Jump.[1]

Moto Kikaku (then Motomiya-Kikaku) selected Wada to illustrate their portion of a triple-pronged joint project between themselves and Capcom in 1988, a manga tie-in[2][3]. Wada's manga was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's anthology magazine Comic Comptiq (later rebranded Monthly Comic Comp) during the latter half of 1988 and collected into a tankōbon. He, Masahiko Kurokawa, and Kouichi Yotsui are responsible for Hiryu's final character design[3], and Wada and Kurokawa jointly developed the plot that both the manga and Famicom game drew upon, which Yotsui felt was too "complex" and did not use.[3]

After the collaboration with Capcom, Wada went on to create several lesser-known manga series. Many of his later works focus on historical figures and Buddhism, such as mangas centered on the Sadāparibhūta Bodhisattva, the Ikegami Brothers and scholar Sugita Genpaku. None of them have been translated into English.


Year Title Studio Publisher ISBN
1984 Tokichiro Knows!!
Shueisha 4-08-612733-4
1988 Strider Hiryu
Moto Kikaku Kadokawa Shoten 4-04-713009-5
1990 Sadāparibhūta Bodhisattva - Ascetic of the Himalayas
Daisanbunmeisha 4-47-608111-8
1991 Seven Examples of the Lotus Sutra
Daisanbunmeisha 4-47-608112-6
1992 Professional Salesman Manual
Tokuma Shoten 4-19-444834-0
1992 Time Nanjo
Daisanbunmeisha 4-47-608131-2
1994 Ikegami Brothers
Daisanbunmeisha 4-47-608141-X
1994 Kamatari
Kawade Shodo Shinsa 4-30-990124-7
1997 Wakasa: The Sea of Learning
杉田玄白物語 若狭の海に学ぶ
Thirdline Fukui Prefectural Govt.

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