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The Alchemist with Dullahan

The Alchemist (錬金術師) is a minor character introduced in Strider 2. He appears as a stage enemy in Fortress Wahnen.

Not much is known about this mysterious man. He is an inhabitant of Herzog Schlange's Fortress Wahnen, dwelling within the fortress' Prison Tower. He's a strange man wearing white gloves, a long blue coat with a black robe underneat and a large bizarre helmet which covers his face, with only a black moustache peeking from beneath. He wields two objects: a book in his right hand, and the "Alchemy Hammer" (錬金ハンマー)[1] in his left: a golden ornate hammer with a small "Ouroboros" symbol on the tip. He appears to command the Armored Guards within the fortress.

The Alchemist appears to have developed a number of special tricks, such as the ability to teleport and to create a defensive barrier around him. He can also invoke a ghostly "Tortured Creature" known as Dullahan[2], possibly by using the souls of the Tower's prisoners who have been tortured to death.


Appears in Stage 02 (Fortress Wahnen), Scene 4

The Alchemist is found standing in a small platform at the top of the Prison Tower, protected by several Armored Guards. Once Hiryu approaches him, however, the Alchemist teleports away into the tower's top floor. If he's attacked before disappearing, he will create a defense shield in front of him and teleport unscathed.

Once in the Tower's top floor, the Alchemist starts chanting and summons a large armored ghost, the Dullahan, in order to fight Hiryu. Unfortunately for him, however, the Dullahan's first action is to stab his giant sword right behind him, hitting him off the platform and sending him plummeting to his death.

If one moves fast enough after the cutscene ends, Hiryu can actually strike and send the Alchemist to his death before the Dullahan gets the chance.



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