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The Third Moon Plan (ザ・サードムーン計画)[1][2][3][4] is a plot element featured in the backstory of the original Strider.



Grandmaster Meio's ambition is to rule Earth as God

The project known as "The Third Moon Plan" is the final solution to Grandmaster Meio's ambition to become the new God of Earth[4]. Although Meio seemingly conquered all of humanity on the entire world, he still felt something was missing in order to completely rule them all. Eventually he realized that the world wasn't truly unified under his command, as there were not only rebels opposing him but also primitive people and animals that would never understand his words[4]. He could never claim full control over the entirety of Earth's life.

Once he saw the completed Anti-Gravity Device, a devilish plan flashed through his mind[1][4]. To extinguish all ecological systems that already existed on Earth prior to his arrival, to eliminate all life on its surface and then refill the world with life created by his own hand[3][4]. Only in this way Grandmaster Meio's final desire to rule over the world as its true and only God would be met. His ambitions knowing no bounds, Grandmaster Meio sets his sight on executing "The Third Moon Plan".[3]


Grandmaster Meio explains the Third Moon Plan to Hiryu

Having attained the ability to create life at will and once the Anti-Gravity Device was completed and installed in the Third Moon, all the pieces needed for "The Third Moon Plan" were in place: Meio would use the device's gravity control to launch the Third Moon off the Earth's atmosphere and through this burn off all lifeforms on Earth's surface using thermonuclear weapons[4]. Then he'd make use of his life-creating powers to repopulate the planet with new life of his making. This way he'd truly become the Creator of all life on the planet and be worshipped as their God.

Following Hiryu's time on the Amazon he discovered the truth behind The Third Moon Plan, and quickly took the final steps to assassinate Meio[2]. Grandmaster Meio summarises the plan before fighting Hiryu: "I shall raise the city up to the sky and rid the Earth of all creatures. I will create a race to fill the New Earth. All sons of old gods, die!".


Localized explosions can be seen on Earth's surface during the final battle

Hiryu managed to infiltrate the Third Moon's artificial city and destroy the Anti-Gravity Device at its center, disrupting the Third Moon Plan but forcing Meio to escape into space in order to carry it out himself[4]. Although confirmed that Hiryu put an end to Meio's ambitions[5], several explosions can be observed on Earth's surface during the final battle, so it's uncertain whether the plan was stopped in full or just partially.

Regardless of the outcome, however, the appearance of a whale on Hiryu's way back to the surface shows that the ultimate intention of the plan (to erradicate all life on Earth) was prevented.

Although unsuccessful in the end, Grandmaster Meio's intentions of replacing all life on Earth would be carried out eventually, and 2000 years after his defeat all life on Earth is claimed to be of his making.

Similar concepts[]

Strider (2014)[]

Grandmaster Meio's master plan in the 2014 Strider shows similarities to the original Third Moon Plan, although it is never given any specific name. As the original his plan also requires the use of a gravity core, but instead of using it to push the Third Moon away from Earth's atmosphere, he seeks to use it to bring the station closer into it in order to create cataclysmic events across its surface. Through this Meio desires to erradicate all life on the planet so he can repopulate it with his "perfect race".

Grandmaster Meio's plan is only explained in the Intel Profile for the Third Moon Base, and only in the English version; the equivalent text in the Japanese version makes no reference to his plans or intentions.

Namco × Capcom[]

Grandmaster Meio's ultimate plan, although not named, is based on The Third Moon Plan but incorporating elements from other series that are part of the crossover. The basis of the plan remains the same (to burn off all life on Earth and replace it with his own), but Meio plans on executing it from the space fortress Eden (from Mega Man Legends) instead of the Third Moon (which was destroyed several chapters before). In order to carry out the extermination of all life on the surface Meio plans on using the Eye of Atamoni (from Tales of Destiny), a powerful Lens with an incredible output of power, enough to charge a massive laser cannon and sustain a floating continent.

Grandmaster Meio reveals his plan in the same way as the original Arcade game as he makes his entrance during Chapter 44, and later adds that he plans on bringing it on a much larger scale to take over all worlds in all dimensions in the same manner.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite[]

Xgard's Golden Palace, with what appears to be an active Gravitron.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite features a similar concept known as the "Neogenesis Protocol", which appears to be the central part in Grandmaster Meio and Ultron Sigma's plan to transform all organical life into loyal mechanoids. This protocol consists on using Gravitron units as massive bombs infused with the Sigma Virus in order to spread the virus across entire worlds, effectively affecting all life on their surface.

It appears this event has happened already in Xgard, whose population has been converted and what appears to be a Gravitron unit can be seen installed on top of the Golden Palace. Later in the story when the Power Stone is removed from the station's Gravitron Core, the Neogenesis Protocol is called up and the Gravitron is ejected toward Earth's atmosphere, ready to spread the virus across its surface. Through the heroes' efforts the Gravitron is destroyed and Earth is spared, although it still manages to infect everyone present during its destruction.


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