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Tianhou Troop (天猴兵 tiān hóu bing, lit Heaven Monkey Troop) is a minor stage enemy from Strider 2.

The Tianhou Troops are members of the Chinese Mafia[1], a numerous group of trained assassins. Through body modification and the use of Qigong exercises, they have doubled their ability to synchronize between themselves[1]. They are known as very violent individuals, and is said they leave a bloodshed whenever they go.[1]

These enemies are the main attack force in the terrorist strike on Neo Hong Kong City, led by their superior "Elder Brother" Honghuo. They, however, are no match to Hiryu's strength.


Appears in Stage 1 (Neo Hong Kong City), Scenes 1, 2 and 3.

The Tianhou Troops are assassins in the employ of the Chinese Mafia. They wear a small yellow jacket with a red logo over a long-sleeved brown shirt and brown, baggy pants with a white line at the side. Their faces are covered with a yellow and red mask, with a striped ponytail coming from behind. They use two weapons to attack: if Hiryu is close to them, they reveal a long Chinese sword or Dao, twirl it around and then thrust it forward at him; if he's away from them, they produce a gun, strike a pose and shoot at him.

These soldiers are in constant movement and always in groups, moving toward Hiryu to attack or standing from far away and shooting at him. Their attacks, however, have long start-up animations which makes their attacks easy to evade as well as leaving them open to attack.



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