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Tiger Form, also known as the Hu Yan Gong (虎焔公 hǔ yàn gōng, lit. Tiger Blaze Lord) is a minor boss character from Strider 2, appearing as two mid-boss encounters in Scene 5 of the first stage.


The Tiger Forms are two unique members of the Chinese Mafia, easily recognized by the large, tiger-shaped mechanical construct they use to fly around thanks to twin jet thrusters. These two charactes are styled as "Onmyōji", mystics specialist in the ancient practice known as Onmyōdō: they wear a long, white robe with a matching white hat and wield a red scroll and an ink brush to write on it. They also wear red visor goggles and a long brown mask hiding their faces. Hiryu runs into the two Tiger Forms in Neo Hong Kong City's top class area, near a crane used in a construction site.

The Tiger Form flies up, approaches Hiryu and attacks by wipping up the scroll, writing a spell or charm and then quickly shooting it forward at Hiryu, as it is engulfed in red energy. The projectile is easy to evade, however, and they have no other technique.

While the Tiger Form is recognized as a boss battle with a visible health bar, the enemy itself is incredibly weak and goes down in very few hits.