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Tornado's intro card

Heavy Tank "Tornado" (重戦車“トルネード”) is a boss character from the 2014 Strider.

The "Tornado" (Russian: торнадо) is a gigantic multi-purpose tank created as General Mikiel's personal battle platform, built by amassing the best resources and technology found in Meio's Army[1]. Designed as an all-terrain vehicle capable of handling any type of environment and attack, it boosts high mobility through installed hover-jets, a powerful armored exterior and a huge range of weaponry, gathered from Mikiel's personal collection[1]. While it can be said to be the greatest weapon ever made the tank never reached mass-production, both because of its exhorbitant production costs and its schizophrenic internal structure, which is so maniac that only General Mikiel is capable of properly driving it[1]. Regardless of its shortcomings, Mikiel is very proud of Tornado, considering it his "military masterpiece" and the greatest item among his collection of weapons.

Tornado rests deep within the Military Headquarters' Hangar Bay Zeta. When Hiryu infiltrates the area, Mikiel confronts and secretly lures him throughout the area until its location, planning to use Tornado in his attempt to eliminate him. Confronted by the massive array of weapons, Hiryu finds his way across the onslaught and aims at the tank's cockpit with his Cypher[2], eventually bringing this technological juggernaut down.


The massive mechanical tank is covered in thick armor and armed from head to toe, boasting an impressive amount of firepower: Tornado is equipped with a Main Cannon, a six-barreled Gatling Gun, several Missile Pods, Chaingun turrets and rotating flame pods[2]. Its top extends into three sides similar to wings: the left side houses a line of gatling guns, the right side several missile launchers and the back side the tank's Main Cannon. The Tornado can quickly spin its top in place, allowing it to switch between the three weapons on the fly. It also moves fast in spite of its size thanks to its hover jets, which lets Tornado effortlessly move around, strafe and even perform a quick ramming attack.

Tornado remains almost the entire battle in the background of the Hangar, at a safe distance from Hiryu's attacks, while it releases its own ranged attacks on him. While generally not hard to dodge, Tornado's attacks cover a large portion of the small room and can damage with the ensuing explosions, forcing Hiryu to use the Double Jump and Plasma Catapult in order to maneuver around certain attacks.

Tornado can only be damaged when it approaches the foreground during its ram attack, leaving its cockpit unprotected for several seconds. While other areas of the tank can be attacked and destroyed as well, Tornado will only take damage from attacking its cockpit area.


  • Turrets: Four "meatball"-type turrets rest in Tornado's tank threads, constantly shooting at Hiryu. A mild annoyance, they can be destroyed when the tank approaches the foreground during its ram attack.
  • Gatling Gun: Tornado opens up its six-barreled gatling gun and shoots a barrage of bullets forward, forming a wall. It then strafes back and forth to strike Hiryu with the barrage. There's often an opening in the barrage where Hiryu can pass through and avoid damage. During the latter part of the battle, Mikiel does the attack while twirling the guns in circles, creating a spiral pattern that's harder to dodge.
  • Napalm Missiles: Tornado opens up the missile launchers and shoots several missiles at Hiryu. A red sign marks where they will hit, giving Hiryu enough time to move away.
  • Main Cannon: Tornado aims its large-caliber cannon and shoots a powerful, damaging plasma shot at Hiryu. The attack tracks Hiryu, noted by a red target which shows where the shot is aimed at. Mikiel uses this attack consecutively, forcing Hiryu to avoid several blasts on quick succession.
  • Ram: Tornado charges ahead and tries to ram Hiryu, ending up stuck in the catwalk for several seconds. During this time, it is exposed and can be damaged. During the latter half, the tank thread parts can also be destroyed, which neutralizes this attack. Doing so, however, doesn't reduce its health bar.
  • Napalm Pods: Tornado shoots several small pods at the foreground, where they stand in place while shooting a stream of fire. These are mostly static obstacles that difficult Hiryu's movement. They can be destroyed, and doing so provides a small health and energy regen.



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