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The Transport, also known as the Gui Jia Chuan (鬼甲船 guǐ jiǎ chuán, lit. Oni Shell Ship) is an enemy machine from Strider 2, serving as the first mid-boss battle in the first stage, Neo Hong Kong City.

Nicknamed the "Four Dimensional Ship" (四次元船), the Transport is a small robot colony owned by the Chinese Mafia[1]. It serves as the transport platform for the smaller Goblin robots, carrying them inside its body[1]. It can store more than a dozen Goblins within[1], which it deploys in battle in groups to attack enemies.

Hiryu runs into the Transport mid-way through Neo Hong Kong City's lowest-level slum area as he crushes the mafia's terrorist strike, and effortlessly destroys it.


The Transport is a very simple enemy. Once it appears, it will remain flying in the same spot while deploying Goblins to attack Hiryu. The Goblins come in groups of at least four, and it will respawn more after they are destroyed. The vehicle's only offensive weapon is a small gun under its frame, which it sometimes uses to shoot at Hiryu.

As the Transport has no mobility to speak of and no defensive move to protect itself, it can be easily and quickly destroyed by attacking fast or by repeated use of the Savage Slash.



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