The Transport Tube or Pneumatic Tube[1] is a piece of technology featured in the NES Strider and the 2014 Strider.


Strider (NES)Edit

Australia africacave

Two Transport Tubes in Africa

The Transport Tubes are an efficient method of transportation used in all the locations Hiryu visits during his battle against The Syndicate. Forming large networks across each area, these pneumatic tubes come in several different sizes, going from the shorter tubes connecting rooms within the same base to larger ones connecting separates bases together. The largest known Transport Tubes are the ones found in the Australia base (which links it to the Africa base across the planet) and the one in Los Angeles connecting the Syndicate's HQ with the Strider Headquarters. Transport Tubes usually come in blue colors, but there are also found in green at the Kazakh Police HQ and gold at the Chinese base.

There are Transport Tubes can be accessed from both ends, and others who are one-direction only. They are marked with an arrow pointing at the direction they can be entered. Besides traveling, Transport Tubes have also been used to set up traps, like the three Transport Tubes in The Syndicates HQ, two of which return Hiryu to the starting point. In one instance at the Kazakh Police HQ, there are Transport Tubes used to deploy troops against Hiryu.

Strider (2014)Edit

StrHD research tube travel

A Pneumatic Tube

Pneumatic tubes are used as a method of transportation in Kazakh City's Research Facility. These tubes are large transparent glass tubes spread throrough the massive complex, allowing its researchers an easy way to move from area to area. Professor Schlange's research laboratory can only be accessed through a pneumatic tube as well.

Installed at the length of the pneumatic tubes are Plasma Rings, which propel Hiryu further as he moves through them.


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