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A Turbo Wasp[1] is an enemy introduced in Strider Returns for the Mega Drive and Game Gear.


The Turbo Wasps are small, black wasp-shaped robots featured exclusively in The Hive stage.

These little mechanical bugs are stored within circular pod-like hives found in the background of the stage at several points, and the wasps only become active if Hinjo approaches one of the hives. Once provoked the wasps become very aggressive, swarming and pursuing Hinjo in large numbers. Turbo Wasps only attack by making direct contact, and so must be destroyed before they reach Hinjo. As Turbo Wasps often come out of the hives closely together, it is possible to destroy most (if not all) of them with a single Cypher strike.

In the Game Gear port, Turbo Wasps behave the same but come out individually from the hives, attacking Hinjo one at a time. While this makes them easier to deal with, they spawn constantly and relentlessly as long as Hinjo remains close to them.


Waspini is a large Turbo Wasp serving as The Hive's stage boss. Waspini was actually introduced first in the Master System port, despite Turbo Wasps not being featured in it.

Waspini is described as a giant cyborg wasp that guards the "entrance" (to what is never stated) at the end of the stage, and it appears to be sentient to some degree as it "can't stand intruders"[1]. During the boss battle, Waspini flies high above the screen while attacking in three different ways: its main attack is to constantly shoot needle-like projectiles from two guns placed at the sides of its head in a straight line forward; it can also release one Turbo Wasp periodically to pursue Hinjo and extend its back sting in order to hit him if he comes close. Waspini rarely moves to the lower half of the screen, which coupled with his constant attacks and buzzing sound makes for an annoying drawn-out battle.

In the Master System and Game Gear ports, Waspini's behavior is simpler: it flies around the screen while shooting homing missiles at Hinjo. Unlike the Mega Drive port, this version of Waspini is faster and moves all over the screen, making striking at it much easier.


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