Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (アルティメット マーヴル VS. カプコン3) is an updated revision of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, the fifth installment in the Marvel vs. Capcom crossover fighting game series released February 2011 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 . The title was released on November 2011 due to the 2011 earthquake that affected Japan disrupting Capcom's DLC plans for the original release. Absent at first, Strider Hiryu was one of the 4 initial confirmed new characters for the upgrade, and the only veteran character from previous games to be included in Ultimate.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 retains most of the gameplay features introduced in the previous entry, while introducing tweaks of its own. Most notable changes include the new button layout, dropping the previous game's 3 punches and kicks setup for a 3 undefined attacks setup and an "Exchange" button used to launch enemies up in the air; and the "X-Factor", a comeback mechanic that increases the character's strength and speed in relation to the number of characters left in their team.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was delisted from digital stores in December 2013 following the expiration of Capcom's contract with Marvel. An updated high-resolution version was later released for PlayStation 4 on December 3 2016, coinciding with the announcement of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and followed by versions for Xbox One and Steam in March 7 2017.

Story & CharactersEdit

The storyline is original for this game, being written (alongside dialogues and endings) by comic author Frank Tieri, although it barely figures in the actual game. It basically deals with an alliance between a contingent of Marvel villains led by Dr. Doom and Albert Wesker, in an attempt to merge both worlds to conquer them. In the midst of their plans, they awaken a greater threat in the form of Galactus, forcing all characters on both universes to join forces to stop him.

The comic book bundled with the game's Special Edition reveals that portals between both worlds have suddenly started to appear, and Dr. Doom gathers a group consisting of Super-Skrull, Magneto, Taskmaster and M.O.D.O.K. which, together with Albert Wesker's aid, attempt to conquer the merged worlds. However, they ran into problems finding a source of energy strong enough to sustain the portals between worlds. By Super-Skrull's suggestion, they decide to take the risk and steal the energy from Galactus' starship. This act is what eventually sets Galactus into traveling to Earth, seeking out those responsible.

The original game has a total of 36 characters, plus two DLC characters and one non-playable boss, Galactus. Ultimate adds 12 more characters for a final total of 50 playable characters, and makes Galactus playable in a special "Galactus Mode".

Strider HiryuEdit

Umvc3 hiryu win pose
Voiced by: T.J. Storm (English), Yûji Ueda (Japanese)

Originally, Hiryu was disconfirmed from Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Game's director Ryota Nitsuma initially cited as the reason that he "didn't fit in with the concept" of the game[1], with Seth Killian later stating in an interview that licensing issues were to blame[2]. In spite of this, Hiryu was one of the first confirmed characters for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom. It was the fan demand that made Capcom eventually resolve the licensing issues and include him in the roster.[3]

He was unveiled alongside Firebrand, Ghost Rider and Hawkeye[4]. Hiryu is also seen fighting Spider-Man in the game's intro cinematic, following with the series' tradition of pairing the two together.

This appearance marks both the first time Hiryu's been rendered in full 3D (in a faithful recreation of his sprite) and voiced in English.

Official profile

  • Real Name: Unknown
  • First Appearance: Strider (1989)
  • Occupation: A-Class Strider
  • Abilities: He has trained his body to its utmost physical limits. He also wields the Cypher, a plasma-generating broadsword capable of cutting through anything.
  • Weapons: Plasma sword "Cypher", sickle and chain, robotic animal helpers that he can summon at will.
  • "He is a member of the Striders, a secret organization specializing in kidnapping, assassination, demolition, etc., that has worked behind the scenes throughout history. Having obtained A-Class status at a young age, he is the organization's best assassin." - English[5]
  • "An agent who belongs to the professional team of combat and intelligence “Striders”, which has performed secret activities in the shadows of history ever since ancient times. Being the youngest Special-A Class Strider qualifies him as the strongest assassin." - Japanese[6]

Alternative ColorsEdit

Umvc3 hiryucolor1 Umvc3 hiryucolor2 Umvc3 hiryucolor3 Umvc3 hiryu DLC
Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 DLC costume
Umvc3 hiryucolor4 Umvc3 hiryucolor5 Umvc3 hiryucolor6
Color 4 Color 5 Color 6

Unlike previous games in the series, all alternate color schemes have been inspired by characters or events from the past history of both companies. Hiryu's costume breakdown reveals the inspiration behind his own[7]:

  • Color 2: Based on the portrayal of ninja in most media usually wearing all-black costumes. The image compares it to the ninja from Marvel's The Hand organization and Daredevil in his black costume.
  • Color 3: Based off Kenji from the Arcade game Red Earth.
  • Color 4: Based off Strider Hien.
  • Color 5: Based off Ibuki from the Street Fighter series.
  • Color 6: Based off Guy from Final Fight.

Hiryu's DLC costume is inspired in his original look from the Arcade game. The costume is part of the "New Age of Heroes" pack, alongside Akuma, Sentinel and Dr. Doom's costumes. The pack was originally given off as a bonus for those who pre-ordered the game from Amazon, and was then released in January 17, 2012 for download as a costume pack.

Hiryu's MovelistEdit

Main article: Marvel vs. Capcom/Movelist

Hiryu's movelist remains mostly the same from previous games, though due to the new button layout many moves have new command inputs, and several have lost some of their variations, like Gram losing its crouching version. Only one new attack was added named "Arch Cut", which is simply Hiryu's old Strong Kick turned into a Command Normal.

Hiryu is also the only character in the game to have two Level 3 Hyper Combos in Ouroboros and Ragnarok. Ouroboros would be reverted back to Level 1 in Infinite, however.


Titles are unlockable through several different methods in the game, to be used in the player's online license card. In Ultimate, there are 455 different titles to be unlocked, each character having 6 personal ones. Hiryu's titles are:

  • "Futuristic" (近未来, Near Future) - Clear Arcade Mode with Hiryu.
  • "Shadowy Maneuvers" (秘密, Secrecy) - Clear Arcade Mode (Very Hard) with Hiryu.
  • "Silent & Deadly Type" (寡黙, Silent) - Complete 5 of Hiryu's Missions in Mission Mode.
  • "Not One for Manners" (毒舌, Verbal Assault) - Complete all of Hiryu's Missions.
  • "Likes Robotic Pets" (オプション, Option) - Use Hiryu 30 times.
  • "Elite Strider" (ストライダー, Strider) - Use Hiryu 100 times.

Additional Notes & ReferencesEdit

  • Hiryu's theme in the game is a remix of his theme in the first Marvel vs. Capcom, which in turn was a remix of the Arcade game's first stage theme "Raid!".
  • Most of the animation references to the original Strider found in the previous, sprite-based titles remain intact, including his horizontal slash animation (now its own move, Arch Cut), back dash, Cartwheel Jump and his death animation, all recreated in 3D. As Hiryu now has a single new animation for intros and victory each, all references found in the old intro/victory animations were lost.
  • Hiryu's ending has him and Wolverine facing off against Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers. Hiryu stands his ground against them, and knowing they don't have honor, summons several Options to charge against the enemy alongside a team of X-Men characters.
  • There are several quotes inspired by lines from both Strider and Strider 2, albeit some of them have been lost in the localization.
    • "I'm the hunter and you're the prey", said as one of his intro quotes against Ghost Rider, is taken from his exchange with Hien in Strider 2, Mission 00: "Tell the master that I am the hunter and he is the game".
    • "Your weapons are too good for the likes of you", said as a winning quote against Taskmaster and Hsien-ko, is actually Hiryu's line from Strider, "Are you sending a toy into battle?" (貴様らにそんな玩具は必要ない, which roughly translates to "you don't need a toy like that")
    • "Run crying back to your masters", said after defeating C. Viper, is taken from Hiryu's response to Tong Pooh at the end of the first stage in Strider 2, "It is you who will always be a servant to your master" (だから貴様は飼い犬なのさ, "And that's why you're a whipped dog."). The line is the exact same in Japanese, but translated differently in English.
    • "If you have any last words, now is a good time to say them.", one of his win quotes, is the line Hiryu says to a defeated Herzog Schlange in Strider 2. It's a closer translation of the original line (貴様の辞世の句ならその程度だろうよ).
    • "Hiryu to headquarters... Mission accomplished" is taken from the final line in Strider 2 in both versions.
  • In C. Viper's exclusive win quote against Hiryu (Japanese only), she comments on Hiryu's retirement from the Striders, a direct reference to the plot of the manga and its NES adaptation.
  • Each character in the game is given a "power grid" that ranks their abilities, inspired by Marvel's official Power Grid. Hiryu's stats as given in the game (plus their official meaning) are:
Mvc3 hiryu power grid
Intelligence: 3/7 (Learned)
Strength: 2/7 (Normal: able to lift over own body weight, up to twice own body weight)
Speed: 4/7 (Speed of sound: peak velocity between Mach-1 to Mach-2)
Stamina: 2/7 (Normal)
Energy Projection: 1/7 (None)
Fighting Ability: 7/7 (Master of virtually all conventional forms of combat)

Heroes and Heralds ModeEdit

Heroes and Heralds is a free single and multiplayer downloadable mode for Ultimate in which players compete against each other in one of two factions, as either Earth's heroes or Galactus' heralds. The mode's main feature is the use of special "Support Cards" that, once equipped, grant special abilities to the player's character such as the ability to parry or regenerate health. Players can only equip a deck of 3 cards at a time, and their effects depend on their rank and whether they are the "Point Card" in the deck.

There are a total of 104 cards in the game, representing several different characters from both Marvel and Capcom's properties. Grandmaster Meio appears among the Capcom character cards:

Card Rank: A
Primary Skill: When 3 or more bars of meter are stored and while on the ground, health automatically refills [Lv 3], and meter fills automatically [Lv 2].
Secondary Skill: When 3 or more bars of meter are stored and while on the ground, health automatically refills [Lv 3].


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