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The Ultra-Cold Cypher (コールドサイファー, lit. Cold Cypher) is one of the four enhanced forms Hiryu can unlock in the 2014 Strider.


The Ultra-Cold Cypher in action

The third of four enhanced plasma forms Hiryu has access to, the Ultra-Cold Cypher is obtained after Hiryu's second and final encounter with Ouroboros Mk.III, a creature capable of generating ultra-cold plasma by itself. By clearing his mind of all mundane thoughts (心頭滅却), the plasma generated within Hiryu's body turns into cryogenic plasma[1]. Covering the Cypher's blade, its surface temperature reaches absolute zero, freezing anything it comes into contact with its edge[1]. When active, Hiryu's plasma output changes from crimson to a bright blue.

The Ultra-Cold Cypher's main ability is to freeze any enemy it strikes within a layer of thick ice, stopping all its movement. The frozen enemy becomes a solid platform Hiryu can stand on or climb into, as well as an effective shield to block incoming projectiles. This also freezes flying enemies in mid-air. As such, the skill's main use is to reach hidden areas by using frozen enemies as foothold[1]. The skill requires around 3 normal strikes or a single strike of the Charged Cypher to freeze a target. The frozen state is temporary, but continued strikes can keep an enemy frozen until destroyed. It is also required to break the Ultra-Cold enhanced shields wielded by certain Shield Troopers.

Besides the basic Cypher form, Hiryu can also unlock Ultra-Cold-enhanced forms for his Kunai and Plasma Catapult techniques.

Ultra-Cold Gate[]

An Ultra-Cold Gate (コールドゲート) is a type of door found throughout Kazakh City, which can only be opened with the Ultra-Cold Cypher. These doors are made up of two spinning pieces in perpetual motion, which pushes Hiryu back if he attempts to cross them. By using the Ultra-Cold Cypher to stop its movement, however, they are temporarily unlocked.



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