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This article lists all known unused content found in the NES version of Strider.

Unused graphics[]

Graphic Details
StrNes unused infantry.png An unused sprite showing the Russian Infantryman crouching. In the released game, the Infantrymen are constantly running up to Hiryu and jumping, and never stop to perform any other action.
StrNes unused egypt.png A sprite of the Egypt Soldier placing his axe-like weapon in front of him, and apparently swinging or looking up. The first sprite here is the only one used in the released game.
StrNes unused frong.png Sprites of the Robot Frong activating its eye and turning around. This sprites were intended for its full behavior (as seen in the Famicom prototype) where it'd move back and forth and periodically open its eye, and once Hiryu came into its line of sight it'd attack by throwing three bombs, and then resume its patrol. In the released game, however, Robot Frong instantly extends its eye and attacks as soon as Hiryu approaches it, and it never moves away from that place after that, not even when moved off-screen.
StrNes unused sheena.png One sprite of Sheena (3rd one) which appears to be a transition between her standing and fallen sprites. Since Sheena is already found in her fallen sprite when Hiryu meets her in Los Angeles, this sprite was probably intended for a quick animation of her collapsing.
StrNes unused object.png A strange object, possibly intended to be a steam valve. In the Famicom prototype, this sprite is loaded in Faceas Clay's room together with a corrupted sprite of Kuramoto.
StrNes unused stats object.png Another unknown object. In the memory, this tileset is lined up next to the floppy disc, key and boots icons seen in the select menu screen. The item can actually be seen in the build used for the Japanese video commercial, appearing in front of the magnetic wall in Kazakh, and upon picking it up it works the same as the Magnetic Boots.
StrNes unused donotuse.png Two tiles showing half of a message. The complete four tiles can be found in the Famicom prototype, spelling out "DO NOT USE".

Unused character[]

Main article: Unused Red Dragon boss

Sprite set of the unused boss

An unused boss character can be found dummied out within the game's code. This character is a tall man with long hair, and possess a total of four sprites: standing idle, pointing upwards, extending his arm forward and jumping. There's also a small fireball projectile next to him.

The Famicom prototype actually features this character in-game, but its programming is incomplete. When faced, he stands in place and summons a spinning ring of fire around him, but it disappears a short distance after thrown, and if it doesn't hit Hiryu the boss is frozen in place and takes no further actions. As he appears in the spots where Dragon Fiend is faced in the Red Dragon stage, it's presumed he was removed and replaced by him due to its incomplete coding.