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This article lists all known unused content found in the PC Engine version of Strider.

Unused graphics[]

Found inside the game's code are a number of graphics including characters and overworld map sprites from the 1991 game Pachio-kun: Maboroshi no Densetsu, a pachinko game with RPG elements part of the Pachio-kun series[1]. Interestingly, this game has no connection to NEC Avenue or Dice Creative, being developed by Japanese company Coconuts Japan instead. It is possible Coconuts may had being involved during early development before Dice Creative took charge of the port.

Unused sprites[]

Within the game's data tracks, there are several uncompressed sheets of duplicate sprites for all enemies and bosses in the game. These sprites have different palette allocations when compared to the ones actually used, which instead feature instances of wrong color placement and overall weird and/or corrupted palettes.[2]

These sprites are never called up or loaded by the game, leaving them unused.

Unused stage[]

Reportedly, the internal data/sprite blocks indicate the existence of a 7th stage[1]. Magazine previews from early 1993 were also reporting the existence of two original stages[3], but the released game only ended up featuring one, "Oil Fields".

According to the magazines, the stage would have been set right before the last stage[3]. In the game's last cutscene there's a part when Hiryu is directed to a "South American Base" to find a shuttle about to be launched into The Third Moon. This is possibly a leftover detail from the scrapped stage's intended placement and setting.


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