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A bit late on this one, but for those who missed it: Capcom-Unity had a stream of the game's Research District in January 16, here's the link to the archived video:

The video covers most of the Research Area, including the Mecha Pon boss fight and subsequent cutscene, so a warning for those who are bothered by mild spoiler. Other stuff confirmed by the video include:

  • Three difficulty settings
  • A stated length of 7-8 hours without hunting for secrets and other unlockables.
  • There are several unlockables to hunt for, including Concept art.
  • The game will only include English voices. Text will be available in other languages, including Japanese.
  • Teases about possible alternate costumes. Nothing confirmed, but "stay tuned about that".

You can also watch gameplay videos of the first areas of the game as played in a popular Nico Nico Douga Japanese gaming channel. This goes beyond the fight against Ouroboros Mk-III and the Heavy Trooper, showing a bit more of the stages following them.

Here's part 1, and here's part 2.

Finally, the list of the game's Achievements has been leaked. It's a total of 30 Achievements, 7 of which are secret, for a total of 400 Points. There are a few spoilers for bosses and one specific stage/area in there, though.


And for a Japan-only news:

They are carrying a joint "Strider"/"Sengoku Basara 4" event at specific locations this January 26 and February 2, where players need to complete a specific task (kill enemies in Basara, get powerups in Strider) for some prizes: a "Praise Tissue Box" for winning both events adorned with art from both game's girl cast, a "Certified Agent facial tissue" for those who win either event, and a "Whipped dog facial tissue" for those who don't win either.

Also, the 10 first-comers get a poster signed by art director Sho Sakai and producer Andrew Szymanski, with the latter attending the event as well.