Wall Crawler (壁這) is a minor stage enemy from the first Strider and most of its ports. This enemy was named Creeper in the English manual for the Mega Drive port.[1]

The Mega Drive port of Strider Returns includes a dark blue variation of this enemy, making this one of the only two stage enemies from the original game to be reused in one of the Returns ports (the other one being the Siberian Wolf). A redesigned Wall Crawler also appears as a minor stage enemy in the 2014 Strider.


Strider (CPS-1)Edit

Wall crawler1
Enemy Type: Robot
Hit Points: 1 HP
Score: 50 PTS

Appears in Stage 2 (Siberia)

A small robot with a set of tank threads and a spinning saw-like instrument on its top. The Wall Crawler is found in the long shaft within the secret complex in Siberia, where it moves up and down the narrow passage's walls trying to strike Hiryu by direct contact. In order to hit them, one has to quickly switch to the opposite wall before the Wall Crawler hits and strike back, as they are easily destroyed. While they usually appear in pairs of two, one at each wall, there's a delay in their movement which creates a space where one can safely move into.

The movement speed of this enemy is determined by the game's Dynamic Difficulty setting: according to how well the player is doing, the Wall Crawler will move slower or faster.[2]

Strider (2014)Edit

StrHD wallcrawler
Hit Points: N/a

Appears all throughout Kazakh City, in every area following, and including, the Historical Zone.

The Wall Crawlers are small machine robots found in large numbers across Kazakh City, in most of its locations. They have a similar tank-shaped appearance, but now possess an actual saw equipped on top. Much like the original, these Wall Crawlers are found crawling around in the walls and ceilings of the complex, striking Hiryu on contact with their spinning saws and sending him flying off the surface they stand on.

Wall Crawlers can be found moving at varying speed, with some standing still on a single spot and others moving all the way across a surface. Unlike the originals, however, they can't be destroyed at all and must be maneuvered around using Hiryu's jumping abilities.


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