NewStrider Brainwalker intro

The Brainwalker, the result of the ZAIN Project's research

The ZAIN Project v2 is a concept from the 2014 Strider inspired by the original manga's ZAIN Project.

The ZAIN Project v2 is the second incarnation of Professor Schlange's personal project, whose main goal is the creation of a complete weapon system[1], the "perfect warrior"[2]. The project pursuits the application of human brains as the core of the weapon, intended to both drive its decision making abilities[1][2], and use its "hidden potential" to increase the machine's performance to its maximum.[1]

The first versions of the project were a failure, unable to think strategically in intense combat situations[2]. So Schlange decided to utilize human brains instead, obtained from the citizens of Kazakh City who were captured when attempting to leave the city[3]. This resulted in the project's more successful second version, the Brainwalker: a four-legged cybernetic organism with a singular focus on offense[2] and a behavior based purely on instincts.

While successful, the amount of stress the current Brainwalker puts on its brain parts is so strong the brain needs to be replaced on a regular basis.[1]

StrHD research giantbrain

The giant brain

Deep within the Research Facility, there's a large brain stored in a containment tube. Professor Schlange implies to Hiryu that it is part of the same project as his "little brains"[4], but Grandmaster Meio murders him before any more information about it is revealed.


  • Just like the original ZAIN Project, this version also focus primarily in the research of the human brain. Unlike the original, however, it seeks to create powerful weapons instead of a mind control machine.


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